Academic Programs

The academic programs at Resurrection Catholic School are designed to guide our students to a greater understanding of the message of Jesus Christ and empower them to integrate His values and teachings into their lives. Our curriculum is prescribed by the Diocese of Orlando Office of Schools and is in accordance with the Common Core Standards adopted in 2011 by the State of Florida. The students of Resurrection Catholic School consistently score above the national and local averages in all curriculum areas. Resurrection Catholic School in 2004 was recognized as a U. S. Department of Education No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School.

Educational Goals

We strive to fulfill the Resurrection Catholic School Mission:

  • Provide an environment that will foster the students’ faith development and integration of the Christian values into their daily lives.
  • Assist the students in forming an enduring relationship with God.
  • Plan opportunities for the students to serve others in and beyond their community.
  • Enable the students to foster a kinship with God’s world and all that is in it.
  • Foster a student’s individuality and self-esteem.
  • Model for our students a love of learning.
  • Develop our students’ knowledge and their ability to solve problems.
  • Establish classroom settings that provide for the development and implementation of critical thinking skills.
  • Stimulate creativity through a rich and varied curriculum.
  • Assist students in adapting to a rapidly changing technological society.
  • Promote a student’s understanding of self, others, and society.
  • Recognize the parents’ role as the primary educators and to provide opportunities for their sharing in decisions that affect the education of their children.

Curriculum – Review detailed curriculum information

Homework & Grading – Fostering independence and achievement

Honors & Awards – Recognition programs at Resurrection Catholic School

Standardized Testing – Tracking progress school-wide