Learning Enrichment Programs

Resurrection Catholic School provides a number of guidance and academic programs to assist students in reaching their fullest potential. Some of the programs we offer include:

Guidance Services

Resurrection Catholic School’s guidance program facilitates the students’ development in three broad domains – academic, personal, and career domains to promote and enhance the learning process. Competencies in these domains are broken down into developmentally appropriate classroom activities and lessons. The guidance program provides every student with the knowledge and skills appropriate for his/her level.

Differentiated Instruction

The classroom teacher is responsible for identifying students with short-term needs and providing differentiated instruction. Centers, special assignments, classroom assistants, parent volunteers, peer teaching and after school tutoring are methods often employed for helping students achieve mastery of subject matter or a specific skill.

Ability Grouping

Students are ability grouped in math and reading to better meet their academic needs. The program is flexible enough to allow students to change classes as their needs change. Advanced math students are able to complete Algebra I by the end of eighth grade. Students in the regular grade level classes are fully prepared for all high school subjects by the end of eighth grade.

Resource Program

The Resource Program at Resurrection Catholic School is multi-faceted. Students receive push-in and pull-out services on a scheduled basis depending upon the individual needs of the student. On-site tutoring is also available.

Title I

Resurrection Catholic School participates in the federally funded Title I program. The Title I teacher, who is employed by Catapult Learning, remediates targeted students in math and reading. The criteria for placement in the Title I program are determined by the Polk County School District. The established criteria require that the student score in the bottom quartile in reading or math on a standardized test, and reside in a Title I zoned school.