Spiritual Life

The primary goal of Resurrection Catholic School is the faith formation of its students, and this clearly defined mission is evident in every aspect of life at the school. We believe parents are the primary religious educators of their children. Together with formal religious education through age appropriate instruction provided by Diocesan guidelines and a Christ-centered learning community, each child receives quality instruction in the Catholic faith. We strive to establish a family-centered school that models our faith, hope, and love in Jesus Christ. A strong partnership between the school and the home is a major tenet of the school’s philosophy. At Resurrection Catholic School, students, parents, teachers, and staff are encouraged to nurture and develop their own religious faith and spirituality. Students are offered the opportunity to participate in various service and stewardship activities throughout the school year:

  • Daily prayer at the beginning, middle, and end of each school day
  • Mass is celebrated weekly and on Holy Days
  • Sacramental preparation
  • Service to the parish and community
  • Special prayer services
  • Annual blessing of classrooms
  • Rosary recited school-wide in October and May
  • Advent and Lent observances
  • May Crowning
  • Retreat for Eighth Graders

Worshipping as a community plays a central role in the faith development of young people. Every Wednesday, the students and faculty attend Mass. Parents are encouraged to attend the Eucharistic Liturgy with their children. The students are active participants and accept responsibility for preparing the readings of the day. The students also give praise to the Lord as members of the choir and by assisting the priests at the altar. The parish community especially enjoys worshipping with the school children at the annual Grandparents Mass, May Crowning liturgy, and on All Saints’ Day. Elementary students assist the parish priests with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at local nursing homes. While instruction in doctrine, church history, and scripture are important and necessary, it is not the only evidence of the development of the spirituality of the students. A positive discipline system that is based on respect and fairness is another hallmark of the commitment to faith formation. To help children make decisions based on the belief system of Jesus Christ and to aid them in putting those values into daily practice is an often cited reason by parents for choosing Resurrection Catholic School. Serving others as part of living out the Gospel values of serving others and giving alms to the poor is another essential component of the Resurrection Catholic School experience. Students are encouraged to participate in many service activities both within the school and community:

  • Make cards for parish shut-ins
  • Assist in the classrooms
  • Collect food for the poor and baby items for the Pregnancy Help Center
  • Assist with nursing home liturgies
  • Donate to charities local, national, and worldwide
  • Particpate in Diocese of Orlando mission programs
  • Parish Giving Tree